• Stage 1: Effective,
  • Stage 2: Teachable
  • Stage 3: Sustainable

We enable all horse and human partnerships, across all disciplines, to train, develop and sustain a balanced relationship.

The masterplan comprises:

  • Mindset - iCAN offers that small, ongoing changes can and do effect massive, lasting improvements. 
    iCAN - incremental, changes, nonstop
  • Culture - put the horse first offers that we always communicate and not manipulate
  • System - iBIT supports our mindset of incentive based incremental training.
    Daily tasks, daily measurement, ongoing improvements.

In short, our coaching programme will develop your leadership and communication skills in order to improve the relationship you have with your horse.



Online Coaching

Distance is not a barrier – train online.

A great and really effective solution is having your lessons via SKYPE or other online streaming methods!

We can schedule a time with you then Jenku can lead an online lesson with you and your horse – these sessions can be extremely helpful and flexible.
It means you are not waiting too long between Jenku’s visits to maintain and further your training in the best way.You can also work on any problems you are experiencing, have some pre-competition preparation and learning new exercises.

  • 60 minute Skype lessons – you need
  • A mobile phone or tablet
  • Good wifi connection
  • A set of wireless headphones
  • A friend to hold the phone or tablet
  • Or you can invest in the amazing PIXIO Live Coaching Packs

Price is 95 euros per 60 minute lesson, please warm up your horse before the lesson begins.
A course of 10 lessons is 900 euros.

Payment can be made via bank transfer or via Paypal


Cancellation Policy

Please give 24-hour notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment. All cancellations made within 24 hours of appointed time will be charged for the full amount of your session. I understand that sometimes an emergency situation may arise when advanced notice is not possible. In this instance, please give notice as soon as you are able and I will do my best to reschedule your session.

Sessions begin and end at the scheduled times. Sessions starting late due to the client arriving late end at the appointed time and are charged at full price If I need to cancel your session, I will provide a 24-hour notice whenever possible. If an emergency arises and I cannot provide timely notice, I will provide a 50 percent discount for next session if the client reschedules.

How to cancel your appointment?

Call, e-mail or text. If using text or e-mail please await for my confirmation. If you do not receive a timely confirmation, please call.